Robotics Process Automation

Every business emphasizes on improving efficiency and optimizing resources so that the resources can be used for other processes. One of the suitable ways to enable this is with Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which refers to automating of mundane and repetitive tasks to improve efficiency. Intellyk's RPA services are developed to match processes and make it highly efficient. RPA specialists at Intellyk uses a strategical approach to help industries in automating rule-based and repetitive tasks. Having a decade experience in designing and deploying automation processes, we develop bots for various business sectors like pharmaceuticals, Technology, Financial Services, Aerospace and Defense, Retail sectors, Telecom Domain, Public Sectors, Manufacturing & Engineering.

Intellyk's RPA solutions comprises of :

  • Bot Development and Support
    With a team of RPA specialists, we provide customized RPA solutions to match the business requirements. Our support services ensure that issues are tracked and resolved quickly.

  • Onsite RPA Staffing
    Intellyk has full time and contract employees to meet the need of RPA projects. We can deploy our RPA experts for meeting the need of RPA experts.

  • Co-development

    We can reduce the time to market and accelerate RPA strategy using our c-development model. Our team of experts will compliment customer team expertise. We can build combined team for project and share process and frameworks.

    Our technology expertise :
    Automation Anywhere

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